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It’s all about Conscious Children wear

Made from natural fabrics sourced locally. Crafted by underprivileged women artisans. Designed by a mother. Just a few reasons why SMILES Handcrafted Clothing are just the perfect fit for your precious little ones. 

In India, the clothing market is quite crowded – yet, when a new mother, Rashmi Nair, wanted to buy comfortable, light-weight, easy to wear and affordable clothes for her daughter, she was disappointed. The market was flooded with artificial / synthetic fabrics, child-unfriendly styles, limited design options and handful of kids wear specialists. 

Armed with a love for fabric and understanding of a child’s unique requirements, Rashmi decided to start her own conscious, children friendly clothing brand. And that’s how SMILES Handcrafted Clothing was born in 2015. 

Over the years, SMILES has roped in local weavers and underprivileged women artisans to make children wear using a lot of natural fabrics (like cotton, handloom, bandhej and others) with traditional patterns and styles (hand block printing, Shibori and others). All the dyes used are azo-free and have low impact on the environment. 

Our motto has always been to weave ‘style and comfort’ in every garment so that your child can enjoy childhood without boundaries. So, every SMILES clothing is easy to wear and promises to accentuate the ‘cuteness’ quotient. It is gentle on the skin and promises to be affordable. It is easy to maintain and promises to be undeterred by muddy playgrounds and butterfingers. It can be custom made and promises to be the right fit for your precious one!

So, join us in our journey towards bringing conscious clothing to your children – and raising a more socially aware generation for the future.